Chalice Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) wants to be your home church.  We are located in the Diamond Springs neighborhood, in Virginia Beach, but also close to Norfolk, VA. We welcome you to visit our church for worship and participate in the several hands-on outreach programs offered weekly.  We are walking, growing, singing, and dancing in the Light of God. Come join us and show us the ways you would like to share Jesus' love to the World.  

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 9 am - 3 pm; Friday 9 am - 1 pm


Rev. Greg Ott   *  757-464-5650  *  chalicevb@gmail.com


Come and SEE what God is doing!

NEW Ministry opportunity for Millennials 

Unexpected Church: ministry of Chalice Christian Church

 * What is Unexpected Church?

       A Christian fellowship opportunity focused on young adults. (20-30 years old).  An innovative approach to church, based on traditional values and teachings, using non-traditional avenues.


 * Mission Statement: Unexpected Church is a safe and     friendly place to experience, share, and grow in the love   of Jesus Christ.

 * The Approach: Fellowship and discussion opportunities on various days, at various times, using various platforms. Days of the week will be random, time frames will be random, some events will be in person to build fellowship, some events will be remote using the Zoom platform.  Special events will be held at random locations as well.

 * The Reasoning: Through research and conversation with 20/30's we have learned that they are hungry to connect with people and desire to be in church formation and fellowship.  However, the 11:00 Sunday morning time frame does not work with their schedule.  Nor does the Sunday evening at 6:00.  We are offering a variety of events, on different times and days of the week so YOU may have a greater opportunity of finding a “church” that fits into your lives.

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This class is offered to experienced and new folks looking to grow in their faith through journaling. Debbie Ott is the facilitator of this class, gleaning information and practices from the book, Encountering God through Attentive Writing, by Helen Cepero. Class meets weekly on:

 Thursdays ~ 3:00 - 4:00  PM

Please bring a note pad and pen/ pencil. 

Go to the Grief Share tab for all current information. Support Group is meeting NOW.

Mission Statement:

Chalice Christian Church (DOC) is a friendly safe place to experience and share the love of Jesus Christ.

    BIBLE STUDY GROUPS: Tuesday ~ 7:00 PM    Wednesday: 10:00 AM

   SUNDAY: Adult Sunday School 9:45 AM    

       Sunday Worship (Traditional) 11:00 AM ~ Children's church school after children's message 

You can help Chalice Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) with its mission to spread the love of Jesus Christ.

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