Opportunities to live your faith in action

Current study claims that we live our life in increments of 30 years. Within these 30 year increments, most in this age-group have common interests, wants, wishes, and concerns. Our 30-30-30 fellowship links persons of these age groups together in fellowship activities; in and outside of the church setting. Our goal is to take our faith wherever we go and demonstrate Christ's compassion and love by our actions at all times; not just closed within the Church walls. Here are our groups:

  • 1st-30, consists of life from infant (0) to 30 years of age

  • 2nd-30, ages 30 to 60 years of age

  • 3rd-30, ages 60 and over

Yes, there is overlap in each group. We realize that some will not be ready to move on and can find joy with either group. PLEASE note: any age can join any group, this is a guide to help one find their way into the fellowship and faith community of Chalice.

Outreach & Mission hands-on ministry

We have clothes drive for Seton Youth; financial support to Circle A for Horses, and buy fresh fruit for Virginia Supportive Housing folks at Crescent Square. 

Once a quarter we prepare a hot meal for the folks at Crescent Square ~ Virginia Supportive Housing. (The answer to homelessness in Virginia.)

You’re Welcome Here

Worship With Us ~ In person or virtual

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